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Biblical Histories
Snippets from the ebenezer messageboard.


When small, but "literate," we each were given a bible by our church so that we would be ready for confirmation in a few years. I think that was the theory. Anyway, we all got a Bible.

I believed "Jesus wants me for a sunbeam" just about as ardently as I had believed in Santa Claus. And this seemed to be a "belief" that was going the other way, the folks didn't want you to lose it... didn't want you to grow out of it. And I wanted to know what it was all about. So I decided to read it - the whole book.

You weren't supposed to read ahead; we'd been taught that in school. So I started from the beginning. And read it to the end.

You know, that thing starts with a suspiciously schizophrenic crabby old guy who doesn't want to be questioned or looked at, or spoken of, or called, and he tricks everybody into everything... and quite soon has a murder. That particular murder was about inheritance. Now, with the whole world, how come there wasn't enough to go around? And it's supposed to be our fault, like Cain had invented murder, like we weren't made that way. Or at least the old guy didn't want to hear about how he'd screwed up.

And at the tail end of the whole book, it's just revenge and mayhem. But, for what? Cain to me seems just about as tricky as the creator.

In between beginning and end is more murder, and massacring the neighbors for their land, and wrong choices, and nonsensical food fetishes, and really peculiar commandments, and slavery right in the commandments (shucks, we got along at home without "servants," why couldn't they?), and choosing false friends but then pretending that they weren't.

And a long lack of "miracles," then a whole slew of "miracles... 'til seemingly the only way something got done was by miracle...

And the old guy letting them down - slavery several times, broken trusts, peculiar sacrifices. What kind of oneness is that?

Why was it so wacko from the beginning? Just as foreign and vicious and bloodthirsty as the Mayan's seem to me today.

So, I thought I was missing something. I mean, there was hardly anything about what I'd been taught... love, and forgiveness, and being good altruistically. Heck, even David was the worst kind of person I'd ever heard of.

So, I took up logic. And I kept reading it with that. And rereading it. The whole thing has never made any more sense since. Always less. The old guy never was responsible. Just as rapacious as Jupiter. Starts with a lie, and lies all the way through, and you're supposed to believe bigger and bigger lies. Can't be held responsible.

But, read your next history with that in mind, because that is what that bible was, a history. Keep in mind that you have just begun to know the real history by reading this one history, that you have just begun to know religion by joining one religion. And the greatest good might be no good at heart at all.

Nor is truth or goodness the goal in a warriour clan which requires belief and faith instead.
Military service teaches that to everyone. There isn't any democracy in an army. There aren't any principles at all! There's a slavery, but all the important things you can't question. All questions are answered already. No more questions.

And the sleaziest robberies, fraud, corruption, are just ok with your "unit." Rape, murder... anything. It was not an ennobling experience; it was something to endure.

No army ever "saved" their country. Quite the other way around. "If he's our devil, he's a god." That's the direction the salvation goes.

(Humphrey P)

I guess the old Catholic bosses knew what they were doing when they kept the Bible in a language people could not understand. Haha. History.


But it's been damned dangerous to be that direct interpreter.

(Humphrey P)