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Re: Ping-pong (21/03/20 02:12:44)
    e: The US is heading for a bad experience unless they immediately reform the health care system into European standards with health insurance for all

    Well, in the opinion of most Europeans (even the ones considered as conservative here, which would compare to... like democrats in the US) the US health care system does not earn its name, anyway. I read about the case of a teacher suspected to be infected in the early days of this coronavirus thing and had herself tested voluntarily. She got a bill like about 10k USD. Her health insurabce had special tariffs and only paid like 2.7k USD and she ended up with 75$ to be paid by herself. How ridiculous is this!?
    All she wanted was preventing anyone else from being infected (which would not only be sensible, but also a lot chaper to the system as a whole).

    And, citing a hotel employee in New York last year, speaking to me about Trump: "He's a clown!"

    Hell, yeah, sure he is. He was elected nevertheless. The best we can hope coming from this crisis is that it will cost his head in the next elections. Maybe it will, now that even the Russians seem to have left his side.

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Re: Ping-pong