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Will there be a repair cycle? (25/10/20 15:32:50)
    Lots need to be repaired because they have lapsed from somewhat functional into completely broken. Some other large systems seem to need complete reconstruction. So where to start?

    In pharmacology, which used to be my real-world calling, and which gave me 40 years of salary plus a wife and a decent pension, there is a rule of thumb: Start low; go slow.
    First thing to be done is identifying those who have already started - low profile, organic growth, minimal hype, and see what can be learnt. Jimmy Wales, of Wikipedia fame, said in a recent interview that he did not succeed in having investor support in the early phase. So he had no chance of becoming Facebook - and now he is happy that he didn't.

    I think we need to look into background culture. We have millions and millions of people who shamelessly declare themselves believers in supernatural powers, resurrection of decomposed bodies, and an almighty creator who did not think about air and did not inform of micro-organisms, and who believed that there is a body of water above the sky that once was continuous with that of the oceans. There are millions and millions of people who are made to or forced to producing more descendants than the earth can carry, and who do not shy away from killing people who think otherwise. How can such people be expected to behave rationally?

    At best, getting rid of Trumo will be only a start. But many on the same level - in other countries - will need to share his fate and go to prison if the evil spell is going to break.

    The legacy that Spinoza founded, deserves to be defended.

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Will there be a repair cycle?