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Questions and answers (20/03/20 07:58:50)
    There seems to be a firewall on the board - most likely with the provider (one.com) - if it isn't a bug or feature in newer versions of PHP. Worst case is that one or two links in the original post has been classified as spam or worse. The original poster (a friend) experienced it, and I did too. So I have deleted links - I may have to ask support at one.com or do some experimenting.

    1. there is a difference between "decision makers" (read: politicians) and scientists. their pacing is out of phase too.

    There seem so be national differences. In Sweden it seems less politicised than in Norway.

    2. there is way too much politics and way too much DISS-information. my opinion is that its the scientists fault for not speaking louder and clearer...

    I disagree. My experience is that politicians and their voters actively will not listen.
    There are some excuses:
    - I did not see any other opinions (either a lie or proof that the person is too feeble-
    minded for the position in power)
    - You were so bombastic that I could not take you seriously (but then the message was loud and clear, and the person in power did not bother to investigate further)
    - You took so long to bring forward your message that I lost you (and the person in power did not show interest enough to ask for an accelerated message).

    3. Link to article at calcalistech.com/


    4. (Redacted)

    5. (a hybrid sigh/rant)
    6. Link to wikipedia coronavirus. I'd like to add "Common cold" - but IIRC it is a link in the coronavirus article.

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