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What is it like... in Thailand? Or Australia? (21/03/20 03:15:15) Reply
    I would really like (from a personal report) what the situation is like in Australia or Thailand?

    Anyone out there? Faf? SvD?

What is it like in the UK? (21/03/20 04:15:18) Reply
    Are there really only 4,000 ventilators and only 6.6 intensive care beds per 100,000 people in the UK? Still?

This is what it is like in Germany (21/03/20 04:34:21) Reply
    Germany normally has about 28k intensive care beds with ventilators. Usually, 6k are available.

    The pandemic wave and its demands rolling for a while, all available organisations, inter alia hospitals, Technische Hilfswerk (THW, a federally organized disaster control and civil protection organisation) and the Bundeswehr (the military), have had enough time to prepare for the onset.

    As long as the combined capacity of all those organisations lasts and can - somehow - cope with the onset of sick people in need of medical help - everything will work out, somehow.

    The thing is: How high will the tide be. How long will it last?

    From all I know and read: Germany seems equipped better than most of the neighboring Western-European countries to fight what lies ahead. I don't know about Norway, Sweden or Finland, though. They might be even better off.

Re: This is what it is like in Germany (21/03/20 18:25:18) Reply
    In Norway TPTB have scaled down on hospital beds, so instead of 85 percent full they are regularly 99 percent full. I don't know about ventilator capacity - time will show. If all elective operations are cancelled, there is some reserve capacity in the wakeup units. That applies to all countries.

    Protecting staff will be essential for the system to keep going.

    Maternity wards are a difficult matter. Women in labour will have to be admitted and helped regardless of their infectious status. The staff there is irreplaceable and must have priority for protective equipment, methinks.

    It is interesting to see how industries are being redirected into manufacturing of medical devices. How quickly can this be done?

Re: What is it like in the UK? (23/03/20 21:27:56) Reply

    uk shut down.

Re: What is it like in the UK? Highlands (25/03/20 10:31:53) Reply
    I suppose up Scotland - population 50000, 16 intensive care bed.

Re: What is it like... in Thailand? Or Australia? (21/03/20 19:12:39) Reply


What is it like in Australia? (21/03/20 19:38:31) Reply

    they mad, yo



Re: What is it like in Australia? (21/03/20 23:03:51) Reply

    give it a week or so.

    I'll just leave this here: With the full-on internet propaganda and chinese nationals in foreign nations acting like this, war against china is a near-certainty.

Re: What is it like in Australia? (21/03/20 23:53:28) Reply
not going away

Re: What is it like in Australia? (23/03/20 21:49:10) Reply
    what is the motivation?


    can't imagine this person self-directing this behavior - orders? suggestibility? mind-kontrol?

ww. (23/03/20 23:44:08) Reply
    249819880 - thread#

    ignorance is wisdom
    diversity is strength
    noticing is crime

Re: What is it like in italia (21/03/20 22:37:29) Reply

Re: Re: What is it like in italia (23/03/20 01:34:12) Reply
    A balanced approach to things is not on the horizon I fear, and being politically correct will be a thing I think some once hated (myself included) will miss over the authoritarianism which is rising as sparks and this Event 201 will be the gas.


bene (23/03/20 02:55:22) Reply
    lovely italians did it that out of love and soon to be outmoded white guilt. foolish, but not evil, like this:


    I'm afraid amreica will lead the way with "what not to do during a pandemic" at least initially. in the future, who knows?

    event 201, gesara/nesara, id2020 - the future holds much promise of interesting times.

    in the meantime I've been enjoying a lot of these videos




Re: bene (28/04/20 07:06:47) Reply
    Delayed thanks, just picked up on the Nesara thing, lots of interesting things a foot.... And why is this guy smiling so much?


come again

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