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Dog training (25/01/15 16:50:54) Reply
    Prisoners commonly are recruited from the lower social strata - so they may be short on vocabulary and anger containment and patience. Training them to enter normal society is a difficult job with a generally poor prognosis.

    In comes the dog. Bomb sniffing dogs need meticulous general training before they are taught to snif for bombs, and some smart person found out that habilitating a dog and reforming a prisoner can be combined in a dog training program.

    The experience so far is promising: The dogs are trained by trainers who have all the time in the world, and the bomb squads can start more quickly with specialised training. And the prisoners seem to be staying out of prison after release.

    It's a program for the few - but training dogs is real work, and it is easy for the worker to feel the pleasure and satisfaction that comes with progress.


    (in Norwegian)

Re: Dog training (25/01/15 19:15:44) Reply
    Instead of not sending postcards from Paraguay.


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