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70 years (27/01/15 18:00:56) Reply
not a bystander

Re: 70 years (27/01/15 21:48:27) Reply
    Living or not living with the threat of career limitations, including imprisonment, torture and death - that's the bitter choice.

    I think it is essential in this context not to place unduly much of the responsibility on innocent bystanders. The perpetrators were the criminals. The opposition, even the peaceful ones, were risking execution, torture and arrest, banishment, poverty.

    If one is the mother or father of small children - will it help the world or the victims if she or he sacrifices herself or himself for the innocent victims and then exposes the children to neglect, enmity by the powers that be (children of enemies of the people), or to growing up in an orphanage? Or would it be better to keep the small flame burning - in the hope of better times?

    I worship heroes - but I cry my heart out for those who were heroes and who just made a sacrifice without weakening the power of the evil ones.

    History is not over. Horrible things are happening today - and corruption is making much of the resistance difficult or impossible.

    In the end it is a question of how to cope with the extremely violent political movements. Being civilised is a handicap. Turning the other cheek does not help against a group of drunken thugs with guns.

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