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I'm sure they mean every person on earth. (09/03/15 19:59:08) Reply

    Not just billionaires, right Bill?

    It's a small club and we ain't in it.

    hiding in plain sight: http://web.archive.org/web/20100727190101/http://agimanhattanproject.com/

    Don't worry these thoughts won't trouble you for very much longer:


Re: I'm sure they mean every person on earth. (10/03/15 18:48:20) Reply
    If manipulation of memory has to be done by mans of brain implants, targeting one cell or a small group of cells at a time - then there isn't much to worry about here. The physical obstacles are formidable. The only acceptable vehicle would be an injection or a pill.

    A drug will have to be accurately targeted towards that cell, then this cell. In practice there would have to be a mix of drugs with different homing mechanisms specific for each cell to be targeted. Maybe a thousand or one hundred thousand. OK - perhaps they will find profiles that distinguish each single neuron from all the other - some 10-to-the-ninth or 10-to-the-12th, so that the memory of George W Bush or Barack obama or both will be associated with amygdala stimulation and hence with joy. This homing mechanism would have to be complex because of the large number of bits needed for uniqueness. Then there is pharmacokinetics: it would have to pass the blood-brain barrier. OK - you could make the blood-brain barrier leaky with gamma irradiation - but with considerable associated damage (this we know from the prophylactic brain irradiation given as part of the treatment of leukemia in children.) OK - lower doses for this application. But anyway the drug would have to pass into the designated target area - and it would by necessity have to pass into adjacent areas at an amount that would bind less specifically to other cells - so it might all end up more chaotic than desired because it is unthinkable and that specificity would be 100 percent directed towards the desired target cell and 0 percent towards all others.

    We have seen experiments where heart muscle stem cells have been injected into people to repopulate the fibrous scars in infarcted areas with muscle muscle stem cells. Some colonisation was seen - but the electrical activity was chaotic, and the patient was given an arrythmia problem in addition to the existing ones.

    So - this is academic research and not just a little hype. It's fun for the researchers, I'm sure - and if they can make stupid rich people part with large sums of money for such a long shot, then not much harm is done.

    It would be a better business idea to sell them equipment and exotic reagents. Anyone into tweaking hydrogen bonding configurations?

Re: Re: I'm sure they mean every person on earth. (10/03/15 20:17:18) Reply
    YOU have to see this:

Hehehehehehehehehehohohohohohahaha (n/t) (11/03/15 17:51:01) Reply

come again

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