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good news and bad news (30/01/15 01:01:10)
    good news and bad news

    the good news is you will possibly be ok if you change what you put inside you right fucking now. this is rambling because I need more coffee as well as circumstances beyond our control.

    Stuff to put inside you:




    raw foods:

    raw unprocessed honey

    organic fruits and vegetables

    organic unpasturized grassfed milk and beef and chicken and pork


    alkaline blood ph:



    Do what this amazing woman did: minding your mitochondria

    superfoods to cheat a bit on above mitochondria diet: http://www.roaringlionpublishing.com/BodyGlo-Superfood/productinfo/001+-+BG/

    Paleo Diet: https://www.google.com/search?q=paleo+diet


    Do not put inside you:

    no sugar/wheat/gluten



    no alcohol


    notice in all the google links the "Official" sites claiming that eating well has no effect, do not look behind the curtain.

    the bad news, all of the stuff that is good for you like raw unprocessed milk is probably illegal in Britain, and possibly a hate crime against IG FARBEN, because no one can patent raw cows milk or organic garlic or fresh spinach or yummy bacon.

    you should get in touch with me via email or phone me directly.



    PPS you picked the perfect day for "Never Again" next time check your calendar. Did you see the "BOSCH" logos on all the headphones in the Auschwitz video. sneaky bastards.

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good news and bad news