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The good and the bad (01/02/15 18:12:17)
    There is good enough reason to be sceptical of the food industry - specially the one in the US, which is extremist (permitting gene modified organisms, adding sugar to all sorts of foodstuffs and removing roughage and bacteria). But throwing out too much of the technology associated with foods may be erring on the other side. For example: heat treatment of foods rids it of pathogenic bacteria - so unpasteurized milk might be safe, but only if the cows or goats or sheep are guaranteed free of pathogens. Pregnant women should avoid it for fear of Listeria. Raw honey is likely to be contaminated with spore-forming bacteria such as pathogenic Clostridium species, so babies should not get it. Raw eggs are OK if the chichens are guaranteed free of Salmonella (like in Norway, where whole chicken farms are slaughtered off is Salmonella is discovered). But raw egg whites, if consumed in quantities, will deprive the eater of biotin, which is essential for normal metabolism.
    I will never be convinced that sugar from honey is any more healthy than the sugar in high fructose corn syrup. Sugar is tasty but hardly a healthy food regardless of origin. Fruit is good, but it is mainly sugar and water.

    Healthy foods may contribute to a long life just as unhealthy foods may shorten life. But life in the olden days with raw and natural foods were the only available foods was a good deal shorter that the average life span of today. It's control with infections: Hygiene, vaccines and antibiotics. Hygiene will be increasingly important (again) if we lose the antibiotics because of unwise use.

    The alternativists are market people just as the food industry. They too should be read with scepticism.

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The good and the bad