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someone is messing with my mind (04/03/15 16:30:35)
    Man will not understand it until they can see it touch it feel it, and rightfully so i mean how can u understand that, that u have never understood in form, how can u ever describe it to your self, to others, its as if its trapped inside your head, common to u only, uncommon to those around u, where do u start how do u start to make it common, what will it take, what is required of me, am i crazy, every one else clearly thinks to think so, its as if i am riding a wave of emotions clinging dearly to my dignity, or better said sanity. Why wont they open the door.. ah fuck that i wont degrade my self to pity, i wont die with my back turned to wards the war... this is a battle of ideas nothing else...

    some once told me that angles are a state of happiness, u are happy, excited jubilant.. then that, that u can't describe is angelic.. something to strive for hope

    Its coming but or maybe its here but I pray 4 u the day such words wont hold me back...

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come again

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someone is messing with my mind