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Re: someone is messing with my mind (04/03/15 19:30:45)
    Yesterday, on the local TV, there was a program on the effects of LSD. One of the participants is a professional writer with excellent command of the language. He said: There is no language to describe it. It lies behind the words.

    This despair: I think it is very well illustrated by Quadrophenia by The Who. Finding words for it is unsuccessful, but the emotional itch keeps boiling.

    If it keeps on: It might be an idea to seek help. If you have the time and opportunity: Seek advice on who to consult. But don't take too long. There are dangers in waiting.


    Angels? Invented by Zoroaster.


    " The Fravashi ...

    They manifest the energy of God, and preserve order in the creation. They are said to fly like winged birds, and are represented by a winged disk, often with a person superimposed (as in the above representation). "

    "Yazatas (Phl. Yazads) ("Angels"):

    Lit 'adorable ones', a created spiritual being, worthy of being honored or praised. Like the Amesha Spentas they personify abstract ideas and virtues, or concrete objects of nature. The Yazatas are ever trying to help people, and protect us from evil (cf. Dk3, ch. 66). See below for some specifics of the more important Yazatas."

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Re: someone is messing with my mind