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consolation (10/03/15 22:52:45)
    Well, I for one married because I wanted to spend time with my wife. The children started popping up from everywhere - I don't know how. I still have some hope that there will be a time when we will be on our own again, but not much because at the time the smallest will fly the coop, there will be grandkids. It's not that I don't love my children, but they weren't the original target of my life.

    I think we eu/us people are pretty alienated. Why exactly the children go away?
    Why don't generations stay together? It seems to me a smarter and more humane way to pool resources. Imagine the kind of house/garden you can keep up if your and your children's earnings would go to the same place ( would it be a castle? ). You can distribute chores. Only one person need to do the dishes a day. Only one person need to do the shopping. The children move out, then need to hire a babysitter if they want to go to a night out. Meanwhile the grandma is unhappy because she can't spend enough time with them. You can have a proper library for 5-10 people, which you wouldn't bother keeping up for yourself.

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