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Re: Re: consolation (12/03/15 23:03:21)
    ( Well, generations lived together for long. The difference seems to me that now we can try it without it being forced on us by circumstances - voluntarily. I really don't want to spend my old age travelling to see grandkids and back, rather have my small flat in a bigger house.
    It's a lot more meaningful to keep up a proper library, a studio, a craftshop which serving 5-10 people than one for 1-2. I can skip this way most of the inheritance crap. Whatever is "valuable" ( like books :D ), is just stay there for all the siblings to use. If I die they only need to throw out the crap furniture if any.

    Maybe I am watching too much Shaw brothers lately but it seems to me that the chinese society evolved by the clan system. Or the other way around.

    No, I don't care about any authority play. If they grown they grown. They can do whatever they want ( of course I don't want to live in the same premises with an addict regardless if s/he is a relative or not ). I can do whatever I want. )

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Re: Re: consolation