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Re: Never again. Ok one more time for fun (15/03/15 05:38:08)
    Other end this time.

    Doc was retiring in a few weeks. Lucky me.

    All that experience. Guy was a master. Deft of touch. A true surgeon. He just surged, on! What can I say? It was nice to see a master at work.

    I gagged, I dribbled. I begged them to stop, but all was nill and null. I had a big fucking tube down my throat. What could go wrong?

    What did they find? Nothing but a big bad red belly. I didn't drink for like six months but the pain got worse. Yup, six months without booze. Easy really.

    So, there you go. Big baby I am. Got to say, as much as I slag this country I live in, some of it is good.

    Thanks for caring.


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come again

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Re: Never again. Ok one more time for fun