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Besides, in the less publicised background, new materials are entering (27/04/15 18:06:24)
    "Carbon fiber is revolutionizing the aviation industry, and CFM is revolutionizing carbon fiber. Or at least one of its applications.

    LEAP fan blades are manufactured from carbon fiber composites using a propriety process that weaves the blades in three dimensions on a loom into their final shape. They are then injected with resin and baked in an autoclave. Finally, a titanium leading edge is added for durability."

    "The result is a light weight, highly durable, virtually maintenance-free fan. The fan, combined with the composite fan case, reduces aircraft weight by 1,000 pounds compared to the same size fan manufactured using all-metal materials. "


    Of course, this is a marketing article, exaggerating the savings in energy consumption. Anyway I think it is a nice signal that competition now is about fuel consumption.

    At the end of the day, though, nothing beats the bicycle.

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Besides, in the less publicised background, new materials are entering