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Biased reporting (20/03/20 06:13:19)
    Every fresh-from-university physician has a shock experience after the first days and nights in the frontline of a hospital: Writing death certificates on patients arriving dead or dying in the emergency room. Writing heart failure is explicitly forbidden: this is regarded as a mode of dying, not the cause of dying. So - coronary heart disease through myocardial infaction throug post-infarction myocardial failure - then death.

    With 99 percent of those dying related to the COVID-19, the virus pneumonia was the final event - true enough - but the underlying weakness of the body was severe, so the capacity to tolerate the extra stress on the system was not there.
    And then there is the bias caused by too limited testing. The severe cases will be easy to find and count. The infected with low-grade clinical manifestations may be impossible to detect or count reliably. So the denominator becomes too small, and the percentages too high.

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Biased reporting