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Unfinished London (01/03/15 14:16:30) Reply
    ""He was a handsome man, with large liquid-black eyes, an olive complexion that was laid upon a skin clear, clean, and of surpassing smoothness of texture, and with a mop of curly black hair that invited fondling – in short, the kind of a man that women like to look upon, and also, the kind of a man who is quite thoroughly aware of this insinuative quality of his looks.""

    "The novel was based on a story idea London purchased from author Sinclair Lewis (Elmer Gantry) in early 1910. London wrote 20,000 words on the novel before he gave it up later that same year, saying he could not find a logical way to conclude it. He died in 1916, leaving the book unfinished."




    Might be worth a reread. But it is worth remembering that Lenin was a fan of Jack London's. So be warned.

Finished Kipling (01/03/15 20:10:37) Reply
    Ship traffic based on tracings

    Some years ago NASA published the ocean currents movie.
    (http://www.nasa.gov/topics/earth/features/perpetual-ocean.html - well worth viewing again)

    So why are they there? That's where Kipling comes in.

    ""For the bread that you eat and the biscuits you nibble,
    The sweets that you suck and the joints that you carve,
    They are brought to you daily by all us Big Steamers--
    And if any one hinders our coming you'll starve!""


Re: Finished Kipling (01/03/15 21:19:15) Reply
    i have heard of that before, zou took the containers from sthe steamers, put them on rail and roll them out through europe. And so many .de cars have to be brought to the steamers, zou dou this bz train *what the heck is with mz kezboard(

QWERTZ (n/t) (04/03/15 19:31:47) Reply

Channelled Lennon (06/03/15 18:24:29) Reply

Re: Unfinished London (01/03/15 21:11:04) Reply
    no, it|s not worth to remember someone with the name of Lenin was a fan or not.
    Start with this

come again

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