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i cut myself today (17/01/15 21:24:05) Reply
    to see if i still feel...


    what have i become?

    My sweetest friend?

Re: i read myself today (17/01/15 21:29:43) Reply
    i was stunned.

    it almost wasn't me.

    i couldn't believe it was me.


    20 years. is it that long? only another version.

    fish bowls...

eh eh (17/01/15 21:31:28) Reply

Re: eh eh /geht gar nicht (17/01/15 22:36:42) Reply
    Pink Floyd is the "Pulse" (i had the chance in cologne & it still is the greatest thingk, i ever met)

Re: Re: eh eh /geht gar nicht (20/01/15 03:28:09) Reply
    oops. i mean bran. need to brush up on my stealth skills.

    that song always gets me.

    it hit me hard for a lot of years.

    then i really heard it.

    i told you all before, but please, allow an old man to repeat himself:

    Little Boris swimming about. I can say though, now I understand why some of those Japs (no offense) pay thousands for the little fuckers.

    I'm sure you get the irony. Even if you don't...

Yes, but (18/01/15 20:04:16) Reply
    The Wife and I were out skiing today and took a path without a prepared track - just a father and his daughter (some 14) ahead of us. Steep hills and deep snow; hard to go up, and soft to land on the face on descent.

    Old? Yes. Alive? Yes. Still.

Re: Yes, but (20/01/15 03:42:23) Reply
    What you see is what you write, minus a byte or two, eh? eh eh...

    Eh, we're all getting older. Some of us without Wives. Or Daughters. Or even Mothers. Or Brothers. And Fathers. Any more. Not to mention friends.

    But, and i don't know if you can understand this. I'm actually happy for you. And them. Your wife is a beautiful lady. And your daughter is a fine little lady too. And i mean that as a Gentleman. And i mean that without sarcasm. And from the bottom of my heart. Say hello for me.

    Wish me well for next Tuesday fella. I'll let you know if it's anything bad. How could i not?

    eh eh.

Re: Re: Yes, but (20/01/15 22:26:38) Reply
    I'm not someone doing prayers - but if I were, I would.

It's Tuesday. I wish you well, bran. (n/t) (27/01/15 21:50:00) Reply

for e, for anyone really (20/01/15 05:32:03) Reply

    Aha the advert was for people skiing. Do you think they are listening to what we say?

    It's late.

    time for bed my side.

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