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what a DirtyOldMan (24/02/15 21:12:34) Reply
    does with a young woman, i really like this one:

Re: what a DirtyOldMan (25/02/15 19:28:31) Reply
    What are dirty old men supposed to be doing these days?
    I'm completely out of touch, so I hope any teenager parent around here will be able to tell me (so I can know what I ignore).

Re: Re: what a DirtyOldMan (25/02/15 22:22:37) Reply
    What are dirty old men not supposed to be doing these days?


Re: Re: what a DirtyOldMan (26/02/15 20:16:38) Reply
    no idea, i simply rely on the beta blocker i take;)

Fathers are not DirtyOldMen (26/02/15 22:09:20) Reply
    The first child leaving home was an almost a shock. I could sit working at the microscope and suddenly tears started flowing. No warning: it just happened. But I did know why.

    It was far easier with the next ones because then I had already been broken.

    And now the Wife and I are back where we started decades ago - with no children in the home.

consolation (10/03/15 22:52:45) Reply
    Well, I for one married because I wanted to spend time with my wife. The children started popping up from everywhere - I don't know how. I still have some hope that there will be a time when we will be on our own again, but not much because at the time the smallest will fly the coop, there will be grandkids. It's not that I don't love my children, but they weren't the original target of my life.

    I think we eu/us people are pretty alienated. Why exactly the children go away?
    Why don't generations stay together? It seems to me a smarter and more humane way to pool resources. Imagine the kind of house/garden you can keep up if your and your children's earnings would go to the same place ( would it be a castle? ). You can distribute chores. Only one person need to do the dishes a day. Only one person need to do the shopping. The children move out, then need to hire a babysitter if they want to go to a night out. Meanwhile the grandma is unhappy because she can't spend enough time with them. You can have a proper library for 5-10 people, which you wouldn't bother keeping up for yourself.

Simple (11/03/15 18:47:48) Reply
    Too many incompatibilities and too much temper. Children leaving home to make their own according to their own preferences seems like one of the good roads towards a peaceful society. No lack of love for my children and siblings and parents - but living an whole life under the same roof would be too much. Even the bible supports me in this.

Re: consolation (12/03/15 22:11:12) Reply
    it's a matter of choice - and agreement. it's up to u to kick 'em out if u dont want them. it's up to them to leave if they dont want u. (coming back may or may not be an option). And then, the rest is living together, some or all. And all goes fine, as long those Choice options are real, sincere and then redecided once in a while - but again no fake stuff, guilt, empty hopes, "u're my property/owner" or whatever other rubbish.

    At least that's my idea of it... ah we'll see what comes out after 10 years.

Re: Re: consolation (12/03/15 23:03:21) Reply
    ( Well, generations lived together for long. The difference seems to me that now we can try it without it being forced on us by circumstances - voluntarily. I really don't want to spend my old age travelling to see grandkids and back, rather have my small flat in a bigger house.
    It's a lot more meaningful to keep up a proper library, a studio, a craftshop which serving 5-10 people than one for 1-2. I can skip this way most of the inheritance crap. Whatever is "valuable" ( like books :D ), is just stay there for all the siblings to use. If I die they only need to throw out the crap furniture if any.

    Maybe I am watching too much Shaw brothers lately but it seems to me that the chinese society evolved by the clan system. Or the other way around.

    No, I don't care about any authority play. If they grown they grown. They can do whatever they want ( of course I don't want to live in the same premises with an addict regardless if s/he is a relative or not ). I can do whatever I want. )

No consolation (17/03/15 20:25:27) Reply
    If the economy is difficult, there is not much choice. In countries that are ridden by unemployment, young people may not have any choice but have to keep on living with their parents. No room, then, for having an own family.

    My parents by a stroke of luck could move out because my father - just after finishing his exams (this was 1950) - applied successfully for a job somewhere in the middle of nowhere in Northern Norway. There he went from house to house asking for room for rent so he could marry his girlfriend and finally had luck well out of town: one room on the second floor, and one in the attic. I was born a year later. Most of the contemporaries of my parents tried to find work in the city where they had studied. So they kept staying with the parents until the housing situation improved.

    Nowadays - if families have no choice because of the economy, it is because the politicians have let them down.

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