snippets from the ebenezer's messageboard

On some long and lonely hotel nights I re-read the ebmb archive that I had taken with me.
This is what came out: A compilation of the imho more remarkable posts on the board from its start until around some time in 2000.

The separate snippets correspond to threads more or less, i.e. most posts that you find in a snippet were taken from the same thread. But I didn't take this as a rule and appended text from other threads as well. I also edited the posts where I felt it was appropriate.

Of course it is not finished yet. It will never be finished, as long as the board exists. We might get back to the same topics or variations of them. So, if you like it and if there is time (more lonely hotel nights:-) ) I may add to it.

I hope you enjoy my selection.

gregor samsa


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